My amazing American friend, scientist in Environmental Science, in Embryology and Toxicology Dr. Diane Henshel wrote this and posted this just a few hours ago.

I am sure her talent and civil position deserve a separate post on this blog.

Thank you, Diane.


Black is white, red is green,
What we see we’ve never seen
Twisted truths aren’t lies
Reality won’t reconcile
Yesterday the sky was blue
I knew who I was and I knew you
Today the rabbit hopped on by
The looking glass is opened wide
Lies do not make me you
Nor can they turn orange blue
Your alternate reality is a fake
Fine for a dream, but I am awake
Wiping pages, burning books
Your alternative truths need second looks
We look carefully, record the truth
No photoshop, no mocking spoofs
The truth remains for all to see
Yes lead will poison you and me
The climate’s unstable, changing quick
The globe needs protection, the earth is sick
Species are dying, becoming rare
Your lies don’t make them reappear
We will survive even you
The truth lives on, truth stays true

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