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Let’s reduce your cell phone radiation 30 000 times!

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Are you kidding me? No. Here is science-based step by step manual on so significant reduction of level of microwave exposure from your cell phone for your brain. Let’s go through six simple and reliable steps. And check the numbers, please. I don’t discuss here why you should care about level of your brain exposure to microwaves. If occasionally you don’t know, see some relevant information, for example, in my free eBook on the issue. Now let’s go. And to catch a general idea keep in mind that level of microwave exposure depends on intensity of radiation and time of exposure. So, we need to reduce both.


Key tips:



Buy a cell phone with a minimal SAR value. You can find smartphone models with SAR 0.2-0.4 W/kg while official “safety” limits for the USA is 1.6 W/kg and for Europe 2 W/kg. Just google “low SAR cell phones”. Keep your iPhone with SAR 1.19 W/kg or so as a second phone for prestige and other options, but make calls from a low SAR phone. This can reduce the intensity of your brain exposure to microwaves 3-5 times.



imagesCAQ0CJMDUse wired earpieces or speaker option every time you make a call. This increases a distance from a phone to your head and significantly decreases the exposure of your brain to microwaves. The intensity of radiation decreases proportionally to square of the distance from a phone. It means, if you keep a phone 10 cm from your head instead of 1 cm, the intensity of radiation on a surface of your head drops 102 = 100 times!






Use a cell phone only in a real need, as an urgent communication device. And be aware, landline phones still exist, use them instead of a cell as much as possible. If you reduce your cell phone talks, let’s say, from 1 h to 15 min per day, or a duration of each call from 5 min to 1 min, this will reduce level of your brain exposure 4-5 times.







Now try to reduce time of cell phone talks even more using texting instead of talking. Let’s say you will succeed to reduce number of cell phone calls 2-3 times more.








Don’t keep a smartphone near your ear during a connection. At that moment, at the beginning of a call, a phone emits maximum intensity of microwaves, much higher than during a talk mode. This simple step can cut back your brain exposure 2 times.







Wi-Fi increases level of microwave exposure from a smartphone. So, if you activate Wi-Fi, keep a smartphone as far as possible from your head and don’t keep it active all the time. The smart option, for example, is to download videos or apps first, keeping a phone far from your body, and then watch/use them in airplane mode. This will reduce your microwave exposure at least twice.




So, if you apply all six tips together, you get up to thirty thousand time reduction of microwave exposure of your brain. (To calculate this we should multiply the numbers of reduction in all six tips above.) Simple like that. Of course, the main challenge here is to transform these tips in everyday practice. To reduce microwave exposure even more I propose a few more (bonus) tips. The level of reduction of the exposure here is hard to be calculated (or not applicable), but the tips are really useful as well.


Bonus tips:


Don’t use a cell phone in a zone of weak signal, in a moving car, and with a poor charged battery. This transfers your device in a regime of maximum emission.


Don’t use Bluetooth because it utilizes the same microwaves and emits them all the time just inside your ear extremely close to your brain.


Don’t keep a cell phone against your body, especially in a pocket of jeans. While you are getting a phone out of the pocket after receiving a call, your genitals will get a powerful impulse of microwaves. Research unequivocally demonstrate adverse effects of microwaves on these gentle systems.


Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and (optional) use good quality supplements to protect your body from oxidative stress due to chronic microwave exposure.


Treat your body properly, and do physical exercises regularly. Your body should be strong enough to resist chronic microwave exposure from so many other sources of microwaves around except your own cell phone.


Avoid harmful habits like smoking and drinking too much alcohol, bad physical environment, and emotional stresses. Research demonstrate that combination of microwave exposure with the other harmful agents increase adverse effects of the exposure.




p.s. For kids, all advises above are much more important than for us, adults. See the arguments here. Keep your child away from cell phone as much as possible. You know, Bill Gates has been keeping his children away from smartphones till 14 years old. But when you decide that it is a time, buy your child a cell phone with minimal SAR, equipped with earpieces and teach him/her to use it. And form the idea in your child mind that smartphone is a device for urgent communication/help only. For all other things like gaming, watching videos or even learning, a much safer option is a computer with wired internet.


Be informed and healthy,

Dr. Igor Yakymenko

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